Canadian Nursing History Collection Online Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2001-061-069
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Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2001-061-069

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[2000.111.18] commemorative pin;:;[2000.111.18] épinglette commémorative
Image Number: 1048794
commemorative pin;:;épinglette commémorative
Accession Number 2000.111
Catalogue Number 2000.111.18
Museum CMH;:;MCH
Collection Canadian Nurses Association;:;Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada
Canadian Nursing History Collection;:;Collection sur l'histoire des soins infirmiers au Canada
Collection Search;:;Recherche Collections
Person / School / Hospital Associated institution, Canadian Nurses Association;:;Institution associée, Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada
Place of Use Continent - North America, Country - Canada, Province - Ontario, Municipality - Ottawa, Township / District - Ottawa-Carleton, County of;:;Continent - Amérique du Nord, Pays - Canada, Province - Ontario, Municipalité - Ottawa, Canton / District - Ottawa-Carleton, comté de
Place of Origin Country - United Kingdom, England, Municipality - Birmingham;:;Pays - Royaume-Uni, Angleterre, Municipalité - Birmingham
Artist / Maker / Manufacturer Thomas Fattorini, Birmingham Ltd;:;Thomas Fattorini, Birmingham Ltd
Inscription (front/devant) C.N.A. A.I.C./ 1908-1958/ OTTAWA (back/derrière) THOMAS FATTORINI/ LTD./REGENT ST/ BIRMINGHAM
Begin Date 1958/06/22;:;1958/06/22
End Date 1958/06/27;:;1958/06/27
Measurements Length 2.5 cm, Width 3.3 cm, Thickness 0.7 cm;:;Longueur 2.5 cm, Largeur 3.3 cm, Épaisseur 0.7 cm
Events Canadian Nurses Association Biennial Convention, 50th Anniversary, Ottawa, June 22-27, 1958;:;Convention bisannuelle de l'Association des Infirmières Canadiennes, 50è anniversaire, Ottawa, du 22-27 juin 1958.
Image Number: 1048797